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Invite everyone to meet including roulette formula That said absolutely Each recipe is unique. Select from famous masters including those who have bang from playing roulette thoroughly. If you like this type of gambling game, you can’t miss it. Because the tricks that I will tell you today can be use for real. And it works often. I agree. Roulette is a challenging online game. Whoever makes money is really easy. Another good game that doesn’t lose any ufabet game.

How to play roulette with techniques, including roulette formulas to make money

And for a novice player , it is important to understand how to play roulette. Before learning the formula for playing. Because the roulette playing style is essential. And very important if not knowing . The form of play may have errors. During gambling that include the roulette formula.    The format of playing roulette is  as follows.

Even-odd bets : For bets in this format will predict the outcome of roulette in each round that The result will be an even or odd number, odd-even bet payout rate 1 : 1.

High-Low Betting

High-Low Betting : For betting in this style It will bet on numbers that are in the zone of low numbers. or high number zone where the low number zone will be at 1-18 and the high number zone will be at 19-36, the high-low bet payout ratio is 1: 1.

Color bets or black-red bets: for betting in this format It will be a bet between red and black. will be less risk and has been very popular Color bet payout ratio 1 : 1

Dozen bets

Dozen bets: bets in this format are bets on a set of 12 numbers. Of which there will be a total of 3 sets of numbers. Players must choose to bet as follows: 1st 12 (numbers 1 – 12), 2nd 12 (numbers 13 – 24) and 3rd 12 (numbers 25 – 36) Dozen bet payout ratio 1: 2

Column bets: For bets in this form, bets are place by placing chips. Which will place 3 chip selections at the end of all 3 rows as follows: 2 to 1 (1st) , 2 to 1 (2nd) ,2 to 1 (3rd) by betting in this format will affect 12 numbers in a row all that Line bet payout ratio 1 : 2

Line Betting

Line Betting : Betting in this form Will be similar to street betting. But will be 2 Street, or simply known as 6-digit Toad betting, line payout ratio 1: 5

Corner bets : For bets in this format, it is a bet of Tot 4 numbers, where the player must place the chip in the corner position. which must overlap 4 numbers or can bet on the number 0123, the payout rate for the corner bet 1: 8

Street betting : The bet in this form is to bet on 3 numbers, which will be stabbed vertically. Or can bet on 012, 023 as well Street bet payout ratio 1 : 11

Split bet : For bets in this format. It is a bet that chooses to match numbers. Which numbers will be next to each other. By choosing to match both vertically and horizontally. Or can choose to match 01, 02, 03, the payout ratio is divided 1: 17

Straight bets / favorites : For betting in this format. It is a bet that chooses only numbers. For example, chooses to bet on numbers 8, 21, 34, etc. There will be 37 numbers in all number fields if the numbers are selecte correctly. You can get the prize money. The payout rate is straight bet / favorite type 1: 35